Growing up we are presented with the importance of discovering your soulmate: ‘the one’ to spend the rest of your life with. Fairy tales, traditions and pop culture confront us with idealistic expectations of what romance should be. How unfulfilling it seems to be forever alone and to never find a significant other. But why is remaining single seen as a state of loneliness? Why should we have to rely on another being for acceptance, contentment and love?
“Table for One” highlights the conventional understandings of how to seduce and achieve that happily ever. The setting of each image is inspired by clichés, envisaged by the internet’s top ten guides and rules on how to be successful in love. These top tens define romance through the best couple activities and most romantic places to take your lover.
But romance should not be exclusive to couples. Romantic activities should still be enjoyed in the presence of your own company. This series aims to break down the assumption that romance cannot be pursued alone. To be comfortable with yourself and embrace solitude, not as a negative thing but as simply empowering.